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we offer the finest quality in turf grasses

We Offer the Finest Quality in Turf Grasses

Green Side Up!

Growers and suppliers of premium quality turf grasses.

Our well respected, trusted & experienced staff has been growing and farming sod for the wholesale and retail markets in Grey & Bruce Counties for over 45 years!

We strive to grow and supply premium quality nursery sod at all times. Sod may look a little different from season to season (as with all plants.) However, we guarantee that yours will be healthy and growing when you receive it from us. And, if you follow the tips for installation and care included on this website, you should continue to have a beautiful lawn for many years to come. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 519-422-2222

Sod Benefits

  • Instant lawn without waiting for seed

  • Increase in property value

  • Regular use after one week

  • Air conditioning effect creates a cooler climate around the house by reflecting as much as 50% of the sun’s heat.

About Us


Landscape Ontario, CFIB, OFA, NSGA

Service Area

Grey & Bruce Counties for over 45 years!

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