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Depending on soil conditions and soil deficiencies, different fertilizers may be required to keep your lawn healthy and green. The first number in a fertilizer analysis is the available nitrogen, which gives a lawn its green colour and blade growth. The second and third numbers (phosphorus and Potash) keep the grass plants healthy, develop roots, and give it vigour. 

These are important for the grasses’ ability to withstand drought, insects and other stresses placed on the lawn.

Sandy soils tend to lose nutrients faster and therefore, it is generally better to fertilize these lawns more often but at a lighter rate.


grass dead spots

Your sod has been grown from cultivars that offer the best disease and drought resistance available. There are too many damaging diseases and insects to discuss here. If you suspect a problem due to either of the above, it is best to consult a lawn expert for treatment. Lack of sunlight, poor drainage, and compacted soil can also severely affect a lawn’s appearance.

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